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This song is based on the true story of #JacquelineSauvage who has just been out from jail yesterday night.

A brave woman that suffered a lot and killed her husband. No one has helped her except the large movement of women offended by our patriarchal french justice.


To #Jacquelinesauvage and her children



                 From love to hell



Sacem 3422983611  le 29/12/2016

Auteur Veronica Antonelli

Interprète Vera White and The Greekman

Dedicated to Jacqueline Sauvage and her children



I was waiting in the dark

I smelt his perfume, I was shocked

They said that you had played masked

They told me the dragon in you had won


Tell me if you are the one I loved

Tell me if the tyrant’s gone

Promise me not to hurt me and if not

I beg you not to come back, home


He used to offer me flowers

After insulting me the worst 

We had a flowery big house

He was a threatening husband

I couldn’t find the force in me

To escape to his violence

I was alone i stayed with him here


At the first punch, I should have parted

I was so scared, I couldn’t move

But where had gone the one I loved

The day he touched our 4 children, 

I was so weak but I decided 

To aim his heart and then I fired 

A several shots from love to hell, yeah


I killed this man, I am in jail…

Social services took my children

I have nightmares of rapes I suffered

No place for victims in this world

Every night I take my shotgun

Cause he joins me, I’m half asleep

The masked man I shot again

From love to hell


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